Valentin Chajkov swims confidently to Tokyo 2020-Rumen Atanasov’s rumor

We are we strangely, the bulgarians! We rejoice hard at the successes! Easily we pass by them because they are not personal. While elect and competitive contestants knows what is the limited potential, every victory would will have to be one augury. It was will be needed….

    Резултат с изображение за 50. Országos Gyermek Bajnokság - Kecskemét Yesterday Hungary national adolescence tournament ended for associate age / for 2003- 2005 years in Kecskemét. 421 contestants from 82 clubs participated in it. Резултат с изображение за 50. Országos Gyermek Bajnokság - KecskemétOur Contestant Valentin Chajkov showed amazing class again and makes the grandstands be asked“why does one bulgarian outvote ours again?“. For us to be upright Valentin ‘s Mother Аnnа-Maria Chajkova

is a hungarian. Our hero made to her a so own.He gained 2 gold / 100 and 200 2, 02, 08 /, one months silver / Dolphin of 100 meters -1, 01, 59/, one bronze one / breaststroke of 100 months as well 1, 12, 36/ .Medals in their 5 races. Like it placed new national records of Bulgaria for adolescents of 13 years of 100 meters of st. computerized axial tomography 55, 39 and breaststroke of 200 months 2, 38, 44. The time of Valentin of 100 months belongs like to this of Joseph Мiladinov from 2016 achieved in Germany but it is not admitted for record by BFPS. Valentin gladdens his Резултат с изображение за Victor HornyakVictor Hornyak coach craggy, whoever is born in Ukraine devotes its victories to her in a storage device of Sandor Seles , a Personal Coach who died,. Direct invitations to pass in Richest Hungary clubs – Ute and Eger have signed up after the successes of our contestant but they are diverted by the father George Chajkov Mr.. In internet talk between Dave Salo and Victor Hornyak rugged there is persistent proposal to leave of Valentin of assay – camp in California, in certain school of the american ream coach. It has made strong picture from the powerful physics of our contestant that does not lapse on hungarians’ nothing of the tournament in Kecskemét. Huh of the platform, the small sister of Valentin succeeded him to outshout the aggita of his rivals for which you received from a dad one large ice cream. We hope George Chajkov Mr. as well for to regale an triumph editorial department. Е…. can not be the ice cream!!!! Huh here is our surprise for Valentin as well



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