BALCANIADA 2017-Stunned had eaten Get conceited-Rumen Atanasov’s gossip

When something impends to happen the best with us, without us or against us!

Bulgarian girls 4 x 100 winner 

BULGARIA dizzied alone. I get conceited. We pick the fruits of our super talents Diana Petkova, Antony Ivanov and Peter Bozhilov. They showed that we have a potential despite all, it puts directly on an european stage whoever exceeds the peninsula and us. Huh, why not in Indianapolis as well. We feature several their talented followers, Svetlozar Nikolov, Liubomir Andreev, Sofia Ivanova, Tikhomir Todorov as well.We had the incredible experience to see Our girls among standing 4 х 100 М are victors and хай henceforth them to sing the hymn to Bulgaria from the heart. Fantastic children. Many beautiful as well. They were the turks until them while had scalded. We gained 9 gold medals, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals. Compared to the last year in Volos, 7, 2 5 or a total of 14 medals,. Now with 2 titles more, but with medal Fewer. on the other hand the 13 medals…. Fateful or futuristic.Old Antony as well Diana and Peter earned Own ‘but the gold medal of Svetlozar is news bulletin. As well injured in volleyball game substituted the two medals of Liubomir Andreev as well!!!??? Liubomir Epitropov. Let us do not get conceited. We got ours but the greeks and the turks were humiliatingly slender and clearly no in condition. On the other hand generations crisis is pressed them. It as well fast.

I await the report of BFPS/Bulgarian swimming federacion/ in the official site of the federation now. It will happen under several oozed through and beetle – browed stodgy and dry plierses. In fact, if this is the report, what it has been yesterday published…. I do not have words….. On the other hand we will read it elsewhere with the words of Some Factor from the management board – most probably the main coach. Why can we just speculate elsewhere, in the Oficios? Why not in us??? Attempt to oily warm no The attitudes????

   Huh we have 2 titles more and foods in inwardness, I say medal less than 2016 years to them Don’t get conceited. We have leaders but do not have a compendious team. We will not have newly as well!“other states watched in Balcaniad’s fun“. See results of Crevar, Martin and notably of the greeks and the turks.

   It is veracious that we have severe troubles with many disciplines then as well largely in the misses. Over 90 percent of them are for born 2000 years and abandon the age next years. Huh i didn’t want to think except Sofia Ivanova… What will await us in Belgrade 2016 in the backstroke, the long crawl, the breaststroke, fly and largely in the blended. We have critical switch of the generations of 2001/2002 and serious one, very severe trouble.

       The things are better in the young men. Peter,Svetlozar, Tikhomir, Blagovest stay and Ivan Almadjev as well comes. But in them there are huge problems with the backstroke and the breaststroke. Good support is the arriving of Kalojan Bratanov/USA/ for the european in Netanja. But we will listen to резулатите Mo. The fact as well came across as that 1- 2 seconds had the rewards of our leaders More faint than to П in March. Is one mediate one, level of practice session, one надграждане Ely, be Balcaniad really…. The potent social occasion of Sofia Ivanova that surprised me with its 50 and 100 meters of st. computed tomography consequences and above all at the relay races belongs to other pole. Whether we are stunned or we are Get conceited! This is can yes Check Through June / July in Israel. There Will We qualify as our our european society things.

GREECE  Legendary shame and pain for The Byzantines. Only 3 gold medals and a total of 31 medals against 15 gold and 42 medals through 2016. This will not happen after 100 years as well. They have a serious problem and you with the shift of the generations. И They are blunt Middleware football teams. Outstanding failure in the crawl and  fly, mediocre performance of the back and sluttish hopes of breaststroke compounded to her,. Several good hits – sisters Georgia and Nikoleta Pavlopoulou, Foteini Metsiou Panagiotis Bolanos, Spiridon Kranias, Nikos Danos have the stags.  They are stuck tightly in the misses where the leaders even in the absence of Eleni Kodogeorgiou and Anna-Maria Natsiou have of name. Several their Former Hopes including Stayers and Despojna Markade  De failed. They feature contestants but without assurance of leader as ours.

   TURKEY contradictory opinion for them. It is bizarre that they won 7 gold medals and 22 medals against 6 gold again as well 22 in Volos 2016. their misses were transporting nearly 90 percent of the medals – Beste Samanci, Elcin Turkmenoglu, Roza Erdemli, Ilaida Kargin, Selen Ozbilen was swimming hard etc. and participation in the games of the islamic world impends to her in Baku after a week. And, their leader Defne Kurt who will swim in Baku did not have it. The young men were an Weak. I am not so humiliatingly faint, it is seeing them. Just their leader Umut Gures preparing did not have it for Baku. They were being outshouted differently with the greeks and were originating genius loci in the sultry swimming pool. They sang the hymn to her unlike our team. 5- 6 girls, born 2002 years that are of level of world together with 4 young men of 2001 гс large potential, fall in the team for 2018 years besides this

    ROMANIA does not surprise me .The heady representation of the Даke’s- 7 gold medals and 20 medals against 1 gold and 14 in Volos 2016. Their young men are of the peak of their forces,Daniel Martin and George Ratiu a honey badger and 2000 leveraged by Alexander Rusen, Vlad Paturca. Sabin Bonwa etc. has dropped money however in the anteroom where they are faint traditionally. I remind again that Netanja will плувам for Н and“frenchman“ Ionut Radu will fall to her, here, it will be the least in the finishing line of the relay race of 4 х 100 months. The misses are faint. Even Maria Gadea did not manage to outfight colossus  Crevar. But olimpian Аnna- Julia Dascal and the minor Gadea – Gabriela fall next years in the team and they will hoist members’s force a lot. Huh it as well is along large Gadeaas well anymore in retirement of Crevar.

  SERBIA nothing more various than the expected. Fantastic Anja Crevar made good exercising from what were with 5 gold medals elaborated by Milica Opacic of fly. Mila Medic swam badly, Andrea Todorovic and soul shriveled. The young men won 5 bell metals do not have nothing valuable besides a Alexa Bobar. Their star as well did not come in Sofia in long crawl-Nikola Ratkov. Indeed with 5 gold medals and 12 medals the serbians granted from 2016 with 2 gold medals – less-th 2 medals jointly. I marvel at the nous to take Balcaniad 2018 after not having strong young men of 2000/2001 years Misses of 2001/2002 years as well.But No! Huh new participant-Slovenia as well will arrive in Belgrade 2018 with murderous contestants.

  BOSNA and  HERZEGOVINA as well if you will have regularly discovered our bid for Balcaniad for our burst предсказние of new force. A new phenomenon bore discernments from two unfriendly in the created country, 3 gold medals and 11 medals against not one in Volos 2016. in this in the springing absence of their leader Lamja Medosevic that tournament-„Medvecak“ in Zagreb preferred.Otherwise Bosnians They have relatively good girls for a balkan one level – Emina Pasukan. Natalia Stanojevic and Nejla Karic for all 2001 years and their coming next years star Hena Mesic/2002/, а for Tina Таdic /2003/ of 2019 years that is unique strong one. Youth  leaders Mihajlo Ceprkalo, Аndjelo Simic and Kosta  Vrkes exits the team and self-Amar Sapcanin stays.

   MOLDOVA arrived with 2 stars and 5 more contestants. It is not their Leader Alexej  Sankov arrived, which that drilled in Мiami for Netanja. Tatiana Salkucan whose name he read somewhere more different one would win 2 gold medals, figure with 5 more disciplines and will stay next year. Ewgenij Paponin with one gold of breaststroke of 100 months got a fussiness was discredited of the 50 meters. Moldova won 3 gold medals against 1 a gold medal and 6. President Резултат с изображение за АЛЕКСАНДЪР ГОРЯЧЕВ ПЛАВАНИЕ МОЛДОВАAlexander Gorjacev With which we correspond by two years Whoever I will publish sends several photographs to me. Moldova has so severe trouble with the generations and for next year I wonder what team they will mortice together.

   CYPRUS arrived with 10 contestants – unheard one a lot for the island. Chapfallen one of crawl of 50 months and backstroke won a gold medal and 4 Alexandra Schegoleva in 50 meters of fly and Кalia Adoniou medals in 1. Bronze Konstadinis Hadzitoulis manifests under the anticipations.

   Stunned had eaten Get conceited! You size!

    Rumen Atanasov


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