BALCAN YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP 2 017-Pleskavica, hard – baked Nice and smack – Serbia – third part – Rumen Atanasov’s opinion

Photographs – Alexander Konkeev

 The third part of our balkan gossip of tournament in Sofia will belong to Serbia for the team. The proud party who hovered between the nationalism for Kosovo, historic russophilia and a modern one harbored hope for european development. A party in whom the official authority and the opposition as well have one opinion in these questions.

    While I talked opposition again, his image of the Mysterious“Anton Antonev“ who reaps Large Fear to appear with its real name emerges. Under inauthentic one is criticized easily a lot. Therefore as well let him writes 3- 4 tolerable courses of comment for Balcan championship that us will print to it. If it can It writes them!! Huh not only bitchy one but it quibbles over all that fidgets in and under the territory.

The unique worthy man whom I acknowledge as a leader of BFPS’s opposition is Boris Bozhilov-Bruno. We have large even if dramatically large dissimilarities with it but this does not bar him from corresponding. И We are the good colleagues and the friends.

There is my peripheral one, significant presence in the struggles for the throne of iron of my federation lets gravely me to size up the positive things Whoever did second presidency to Management board and Technical committee. Аs тhe reasonable recommendations of Bruno to them as well. But he makes it always open without fear stands with its name and its authority without fulsome concealment as well anyway…. Henceforth you know for which person the story goes.

Whether“Anton Antonev“ has managed to seize the told or it has outrun it. The long sentences.

So to Serbia as well. The serbians did two determination tests of their team from 18 people 

National Selector Dejan Pejnovic designated them after the tournament of winter in March in swimming pool of 50 meters and the quadruple encounters the finish of the same month in Banja Lucca. The large star of the european feminine swimming will come for joy of our audience

Резултат с изображение за Аня Цревар.Anja Crevar. More thoroughly what from us seeing before the look of our coaches to the prolusion of beginning of this world star. I had somewhere read“Anja Crevar will arrive for pity“. I do not have words!


There is the this road of serbian girls strong team and nothing to take first place strangely in the misses. Result started exhausting

Резултат с изображение за CREVAR, Anja Anja Crevar / 164 curiums and 49 kilograms with representation / 400 meters of harmonized one, 200 meters of fly, 400 or 800 meters of free, can bring home 5 gold medals 200-th, we correspond with her Father Dejan Crevar regularly.Second force is

Andrea Todorivic /175 curiums of.58 kilograms/. It is bosnian serbian-made of Bathroom Luka but he lives and drills in Ljubljana during Томaz Torkar. Andrea started to swim for Serbia from 2014, there is affinity to breaststroke of 200 months and 200 meters of harmonized one.The photograph of weeders clubhouse-Vojvodina is the surprise of the teamСнимка на Plivacki Klub Vojvodina.Milica Opacic / in center /. She drills in Novi Sad and shows amazing consequences in fly-28, 67  through the winter 1, 03, 16. The same interacts and shrivels on result with an image for Dusica Babic  Резултат с изображение за dusica babic plivanje/ In middle /. The capital resident did 26, 76 of crawl of 50 months. Washed medical practitioner Image

Резултат с изображение за MEDIC, MilaMila Medic result had diminished somewhat less, the tempo developed after the big consequences of 12- 14 /17/  but he passed by a hazardous one of the breaststroke indeed. You drilled, Andjela Cuckovic /a back/, Dejana Blazhevic /crawl/ and result with an image for

Резултат с изображение за CULIBRK, Tara Tara Culibrk, /crawl/ are part of the batons in the Клуб Sc Novi Sad“ minor, not in“Vojvodina“the remaining three gals.

Young men

The faint part of the team like image leader е forРезултат с изображение за BOBAR, Aleksa Aleksa Bobar beaver. He will participate of crawl of 100 200 months and 200 400 months matched and a wonder not be, if it wins at least 2 medals of which it is even aureate. He isNikola Ratkov/ 186 curiums and 78 kilograms / interestingly. The same model swim 400 or 1500 meters free st.  and nothing to take title of 1500 months strangely as long as should our Peter Bozhilov agree?

Štafeta Proletera: Nikola Aćin, Dejan Bulov, Danilo Brdar, Nenad Živanov  Nikola Аcin /on left/ is Crowl sheet and backmen with average opportunities but part of matched baton. Same it applies to other back results with an image for Резултат с изображение за MATIC, DjurdjeDjurdje MATIC among medicine man Ар as well, which even is preserved. Leftover Contestants Marco Кrtinic /Butterfly/, Stefan Lazarevic /Butterfly/, Lucca Dmitrievic /beast/, Stefan Dragicevic /breast/, Dusan Babic / Crawl / and Lazar Кovacevic /crawl/ are part of the team of Serbia that comes for 5- 6 gold medals. Yet so other as well.

   Rumen Atanasov and Alexander Коnkeev with following presentations of the teams.


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