BALCAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 – evil and hazardous-second share – – Rumen Atanasov’s gossip



         We learn interesting things around our constitution. Us to see the hopefulness Kaloyan Bratanov of Balcaniad is one chimaera. Did it be hot per a travel allowance from БФПС? Huh, Bruno? How do you see them? We will see whether it will come for Netanya!

         We read, he boasts of the article from the opposition in our Фейсбук held by Valyo Balkanski. I cannot rejoice or I disturb among them. Before trojan пророчица Casandra had told many centuries, don’t“ believe данайците even when bringing you gifts“. This is in relation with the trojan horse. Our opposition does not look like данайци of myrmidons, nor of spartans. А of routed авари from khан Krum and emperor Carl great. Us having admitted them to comment Facebook in the group of ours is being needed him to tell them that editor in chief, whoever so annoyed Anton Antonev / clearly inauthentic identity of fear / of my enormous bullocky affection, matched to thinker of a tasmanian deviltry and amazonian otter teeth. If he wedges and is a male, let him writes me! But….много doubt whether it is not one known that an opposition person from a female sex hides therefore as well behind a name of man!

         Besides this our booker Valyo Balkanski whom around“Diana pool „spies with handsets with auricles affirms for one contestant that Е “ belongs assuredly to 90 percent not to participate in Balcan swimming cahmpionships 2017 ‘ We will see whether footcloth is not or it is news. We have sane a liquid appointment calendar after my idolatrous outstretched arm to BFPS with tournament in March of swimming pool of 50 meters. Children-13 years that not swim in the summer with the large figured in this in it. Just while I remembered how, a viburnum told their game of their large little big sisters!! I continue not to hold with the inconclusive and doubtful – obsequious conclusion for there are да for the“ best accomplishments that“t. is records for the children of 12 years and the minor. The courage did not come Of ТК this unmakes the case study that is damaging the senses and the minds of the coaches, the parents and the children. How many children burned in the persecution of mindless records like little swimmers? I ask again these millstones to be removed. They are presided by the paper federation are not officialiseed while it shoots.

        А now to нашие rivals for Balcan swimming cahmpionships 2017

.  First proclaimed his members Резултат с изображение за turkey flagTURKEY. They waged tournament of winter in December of swimming pool of 50 meters and chose the team of 30 contestants. For the first time misses as well come with the best young men in this. After all nearly 75 millionth party with budget of their federation – over 10 million dollars /for Hungary, he is 4 million eur, а on Bulgaria – 0, 3 million eur/. How should we wish to make tournaments with forceful international participation from a snowmobile as some of the placarded and budget reduced in BFPS of 750 х. The lev / Against over 900 х. Through last years / Nearly 230 х. Lefts go directly for rental of drainage area-„Диана“. Therefore the turks have teams of all tournaments opens of the large liquid nations and all international tournaments. Why shouldn’t they come in our country as well.? Не Excursion? We will see their accomplishments. They are not so tame for Балкански Medals like the greeks. Балкани Ада himself ends the cycle of winter of preparation and participation of the swimmers.

        In the young men there is significant personnel whose preparation level we will see on their elapsing qualification of world from today to saturday. They impress the sprinter in the crawl and Резултат с изображение за YAĞIZHAN ŞENYAĞIZHAN ŞEN who emerged from nothing should through 2016 at the time of the world secondary school in Trabzon / Тtrapezund who is last byzantine city fallen under the arms of the ottoman turks through 1461 intend the backstroke for 8 years after taking Constantinople /, buterfly,s  Резултат с изображение за ÜMİTCAN GÜREŞÜMİTCAN GÜREŞ, freestyle Резултат с изображение за BERKAN CEVİŞBERKAN CEVİŞ and Резултат с изображение за EFE TURANEFE TURAN / the last swims great In Prague / and breastrok,s Резултат с изображение за MURAT GÖRKEM NARMANMURAT GÖRKEM NARMAN. I am shocked from the inclusion in the team of backstrok,s Резултат с изображение за TUNCAY CENK CERİTOĞLUTUNCAY CENK CERİTOĞLU and combination Резултат с изображение за SERHAT KAAN AŞIKSERHAT KAAN AŞIK.They both Together with the drilling one in the USA back,s Резултат с изображение за Ilya AtasayIlya Atasay father is whose aba stallions ukranian had accepted a turkish citizenship. They should have cooked directly themselves for Netanya. Interesting names are Резултат с изображение за KAYRA DERNEKKAYRA DERNEK – 200 meters of buterfly of breast Резултат с изображение за KARAHAN BAYSALKARAHAN BAYSAL as well as well.

           The misses are considerably of the wounds of the sets even in the absenteeism ofРезултат с изображение за Дефне Курт Defne Kurt. It cooks directly itself for Netanya“dropped the money in the last year“.The same one applies to her Резултат с изображение за G. BESTE SAMANCIG. BESTE SAMANCI are a dish for their large star rabies.The Turkincha frightened the dreams in the world at the age of 13 14 years but й grew….. You started skidding. We see whether it will disprove me in Netanya and Indianapolis. I will drill even more with Zejnep Gunes / Former Ukrainian star Victoria Solntseva /. Other strong behalf belongs to two back Резултат с изображение за ELÇİN TÜRKMENOĞLUELÇİN TÜRKMENOĞLU and Резултат с изображение за İLAYDA KARGINİLAYDA KARGIN , it Резултат с изображение за ELÇİN TÜRKMENOĞLUSELEN ÖZBİLEN , Резултат с изображение за İMGE ROZA ERDEMLİİMGE ROZA ERDEMLİ and Резултат с изображение за ZELİHA KESERZELİHA KESER of delfin searched as well of Резултат с изображение за DERİN ZAİMOĞLUDERİN ZAİMOĞLU, Резултат с изображение за ITIR ELİF BAYRAKÇEKENITIR ELİF BAYRAKÇEKEN could. All luck, the most strong among 10 years wants Age 2002 will not figure. I remember I want to unmake the frame of mind corrupts Gizem Guvenc, Zehra Bilgin, Sevval Koseoglu, Alejna Ozkan, Leyla Ozduran, Melike Sertler,, Fatma Ildiz, Ayshe Cinar  and pile rest girls of 15 years that had сивея for our future. Rumen Atanasov follows continuanceand 


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