BALCAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 – the short chopstick or had victory – first part – – Rumen Atanasov’s rumo

                And we expect the biggest contest of international participation in our waters in the year indeed. I do not have loose imagination by and large for our open through July for a descent worked up of foreign contestants. The familiar judge who is the acquaintance with our secretary – general, someone american dame of our contestant, учеща behind the ocean for Maya as well again certain byzantine, whom they have plucked forcibly at among Keramoti ely Piraeus beach to emerge the most.

            The presence of 11 balkan countries is impressing, together with several world stars, Anja Crevar, Antony Ivanov, Daniel Martin, Tatyana Salcucan cur they are chow etc. for Gladness and „Diana pool’s presence is not regrettably theirs. We will not see the teams of Albania and Macedonia just. The presence will belong to the unacknowledged from UN Kosovo, which LEN and FINA indeed admitted a trivial one for their member. We see serbians’ reaction if it sounds off Kosovo anthem for their champion.

             Never by now the contest has not been happening in these Dates, 6-th 7 May, always one or two weeks earlier. Nothing fateful curious. For these ages – young men of 1999- 2000 years and misses – 2000- 2001 years there is two main wrestling matches, the tournament in Indianapolis in the region of August and the european in im-Netanya in July. Our household of Balcaniada  was luck then due to the complicated setting in Turkey as well. The second time turks “ eat the tree“ among us and the stags. We подливам water from Izmir to Volos last year and the byzantines refunded it for the 1451 and falling to Constantinople to themselves this year and helped us for retaliation. Else“ the most immediate swimming pool in the galaxy“ – this in Banja Luka was ready for housewifery. Lords!! Before the years of my една good girlfriend leads me in Bosnia and while I looked at predicament, I always wonder why for their swimming there is much money, а for ours – нъц!! I had read in the social networks the meeting of statistical materials for Balcaniada had walloped“Dark India“. I offer a person to visit our site of this one.

       BULGARIA – it presents to us to MULTINATION the flourishes from the good, it does not hide the great truth by and large in Prague. We do not have конкурентноспособни contestants besides Antony Ivanov, Peter Bojilov, Lubomir Epitropov and Diana Petkova. We have“polished notably“ in the misses. I wonder there at the fearlessness of our main coach to work out an entire девическо team. Well it will not be able to! We are faint in the middle – level and the long crawl in the back and the blended.“raft as well, ones “ are together with Ilina Jozova,Sofia Ivanova and Filotea Dimitrova  possible finalist. It is the generation 2001 that the the Balkans Hell’s Half Acre team next year will form 2018. I do not see a rose – coloured center in 2002 as well where alone Bojidara Orlenko and Stella Ruskova are distinct. The young men fit to us significantly better and have the large chance to be ranged in the frontal triplet of the team evaluation. Tihomir Todorov and Svetlozar Nikolov are yet except the three boys with an interesting finishes й match point capability. The materials in the back do not stand well, where we do not have a large potential. As Svetlozar has a go in matched there this as well. In this success. And the things are most badly in the short crawl of 50 100 months and hopefully the one who passed Varna in Nikola Petrov Blagovest Bojinovski should distract my hard ideas for two 100 meter batons as well. Personally i think that Antony is being needed the crawl and Тihomir – the butterfly to swim at the blended. We can imply, ч We will carry 5- 6 gold medals and more 3-4 other should qualify for places of team 3-4.

Rumen Atanasov follows continuance


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