„Theater-BURATINO and Father CARLO“ – first part – comment for the Bulgarian swims from Alexander КОНКЕЕВ and Rumen Atanasov

d180d183d0bcd0b5d0bd-d0b0d182d0b0d0bdd0b0d181d0bed0b21(1)Rumen Atanasov / RA / konkeew_1Alexander КОNKEEV/АК/

d180d183d0bcd0b5d0bd-d0b0d182d0b0d0bdd0b0d181d0bed0b21(1)Р. А / Theater-„Buratino and Dad Carlo is over and over again in the repertory upon our swimming. The one who ends european in London did not give us reason for the contemplation-Even help of a mass placarded from BFPS that eight national records. Alone a station made structures new, the site continues with old participants, he to look like paper that has blackened of 20 ооо-mongol tugritsi and lazy gets going in contests. That was close as well should drop off! It is mortifying that the birthdays ended of the watery hall of all looming large on the passageways…. The report choice conference looked like a gnomish remake from a hybrid of the“pestilent evil disclosure“ and“war of a Family Rose“.The battle about who the file folder for the millionth budget of the station ends successfully for the status quo. Huh our swimming walks not due to ‘а despite it. The status quo!. Our domestic appointment calendar and this of Neighbouring Serbia glance. He is compared with Greece unimaginably unduly. When will we have at least one as international tournament brought under the protection of BFPS? Clubs not to come from Niš, Alexandroupoli and Skopje, and from Slovenia, Hungary and Germany as well.How come do the internal teams of a destitute partitioned at the age of two Moldova encircle Europe from Luxemburg near Riga and Moscow and do we travel regularly by the“whistling bus“ За….. Recognize without a time as well! Thesaloniki,Poseidonios,Niovea,Makedonoi, again Thesaloniki,Poseidonios,Niovea,Makedonoi as well again as well…. Right you feel clear sentimental connection by last coaching. The stags as well eat is needed yes!!!….И We always hide then behind the records of Nina Rangelova. Nina will break post-Rio and will stay in U. S. in lithuanian friend-Mindagaus Sadauskas /Dear!Does he call it stroked ? / Whoever there is swimmer. And then??? What remains after her? When its records will run dry behind whose back will he pet BFPS? To the world in Győr /Hungary/ during 2017 we will depend the old guard.I hope strongly  Nikola Dimitrov for to swallow the failure in London and to exchange the coach with the men. For above all as well to be the acquaintance noted and our emeritus swimmer spicy morsel for one club to the east of Antonovo sity that it tried to tempt with stipend of 1000 levs has figured of all large tournaments by 2011 Antony Ivanov. Club was letting Nina Rangelova register her with the 50 percent more of the same. Let us and them to render them to us will emerge from meter of blended with Alexander Konkev 4 х 400 without them giving a peg for going to us.Except this you will not see Rosa Georgieva enraged due to our filing. We will see and the consecutive attempt of Lachezar Shumkov should puncture the tournament in Hungary 2017 for which henceforward there is a quota in anteroom Vencislav Ajdarski has quota-Б in 1500 meters of st. computed tomography of Rio de Janeiro but chiefly listening of By – payment  giving discovered waters. It has agreed to enter of the abortive dissenter the new management board for amazing near an aristocratic followers on the model. The spokeswomen of some clubs from the capitol that gingerly they justify are very amusing, who haven’t they voted for for him, а for the status quo,.Fear mixed in is with buzzword…… even from its club that it drinks!!!! Simply because he lost. What if had you won? Look what procession by colliding in the head territory of idolaters he will prescribe in a column before him. But they enticed to“help“him“ . Hа, hа, hа!!!! Simply They lodged a slingshot. Hopefulnesses will put the 1999- 2001 of the young men and adolescents of them after 2- 3 years and the candidates of the national players as well will be for Tokyo certain.2020. Lubomir Epitropov, Peter Bojilov /with quota Б for Rio de Janeiro/, Mikhael Petrov, Сsvetlozar Nikolov, Tihomir Todorov, Ivan Almadjiev…. it is this. Tragically we drag in the backside, in the short crawl, in the blended. Few contestants who were distributing hopes 2- 3 years ago got lost. Anxiously, the standing in boys of 2001- 2002 years is anxiously extra. The entire federation as well They all hang over Antony Ivanov at a door. Ами When he goes away За U. S.? It is not clear in what shape is it is Kaloyan Bratanov for whom is the information scanty. Калоян who will travel to Malta to chimney breast а.Adolescents, children, dolphins and fish of 2002- 2005 years-mind – blowing масовост and нахъсани parents who want their child to happen in the region of the year better than Phelps. They change the coaches as handkerchiefs recognized. They rush and traumatize the children. The coaches worry. Те no more, them being themselves had eaten. Among them anyway there are everywhere single – minded people and garbage as well. The fame goes hand in hand with the failure. I observe Kaloyan Levterov, Pavel Banchev, preslav Marinov, Deniel Nankov, Emilian Elenkov, Victor Tushev, Georgi Yanev with pleasure. I pay special regard to Victor Hristov who passed suddenly from Old Zagora in Rousse. The justifications for family care към Вики in the city of Alexander Konkeev are many nebulous. We will see the denouement.Joseph Miladinov thrashes winnings amid Germany but his parents had been offended for BFPS of the mental attitude to the child. The 14 national records for children of Josko legitimated the made of seat even if they did not try for them to explain why not and these acknowledged with an effortlessness Nina for meets in America. Her contests were not in the appointment calendar in guilt or Len and were not continental tournaments, I /quote the book/. Clearly they have no impression in BFPS, what is continental tournament! For the U. S. the Panamerican games are this. По The same logic if our contestant matched her on the Malshales islands плувам of their tournament Will they will admitting its 1 records? The truth is that simply BFPS were being fawned to, they were hiding Behind her back. They kept quiet for the letters of our site of the station. They shut disdainful and malevolent because they did not know how to justify themselves. Anyway tells a our matchless reader who information promised us huh send her out elsewhere then / Simply he swindled us again / You“piss them off! They fear!!!. Nothing strangely alike of newly Turks our Talent Joseph Миладинова as well should break in the team of Germany and our federation should again shovel in the garlic with lemon juice.

А. K. Is interestingly the opinion of Rumen Atanasov for the future for the swimming in our country. It is even more interesting why did he enumerate almost all our illustrious contestants in По – small age brackets. The question is only was swimming effect the mass sport. Did the names must not have to be at least three times more? For ahead what were it in bruise or any cause to stay her certain in the years to can post-majority. Most ages remain few that he participates in the contests in but has and years that do not by and large have a representative each. They are at 450 swimmers however in the beginning.What does this count-grow do to be able to finally we feature persons of scores participating in men and women. 620 schools are closed for the last 25 years in the country. There are metropolitan areas where there have been earlier classes, the pupil does not now have one class as well with 37 each. How will the gentlemen outfight it from BFPS. For well, it being up – to – date to take a walk upon swimming otherwise there isn’t a trading operation with their commercial and propaganda for there are contestants for two series as well.

Р. А in acknowledgment in the last words of a year – н Конкеев Contest-MULTINATION /Dear!remember the pale diffident and a повърностна commercial of the most important among 30 years international! What word of a Bulgarian /, a състезание that not one national mass medium did not affect. Our swimming site and mysterious site http://www.pluvane.net in detail described the tournament. While Courtier site was facing an unctuous enamoured, Olympus with the pile interviews and photographs of the olympians, а, was hallooing at the same time, its opposition was routing out large excavation to lay Those who manage. I face now again, all only, nothing not having been are petted.

А. K. Is truehearted The budget of BFPS is small because they are disjoined for sport and culture 1, 5 percent from a gdp. It is faithful that the wrestling federation ends budget that has washed in 3, it has been gaining olympic quotas съизмерими with these of the swimming. I am far of the idea It is easier in the struggle to compare simply The she grant and foundation. It has not however heard vintage for them not to start children of over million of struggle activities in a fixed party (for China there isn’t data).The competition is enormous and more and more countries participating in swimming is contribution of FINA but this increases the thickness to the records. Was learned at the european tournament when being in 0. 1 seconds, 4 contestants prescribed, which for the runnings as well in the sport It is tough acquirable.Fixed club to announce that it has resolved fixed problems with the support of the federation has been heard however or it has managed to better components of the work – out procedure, which had drawn fixed high records. You are maybe, I think incorrect things or really the state gives money because someone drills and there are certain results.The platform taught swimming is other thing. We want to see how did post-help from federation fixed club realize accretion in the results, few regional tournaments, with a strong overseas participation, actual competition between coaches and not stealing ready contestants who disappear after a weather from the blue passageways. Tendency is to be drilled outside but does I succeeded in future with the large or one fashion is popular, which undertake the early breaking away there are their victims. It is obviously that a swimming center is generated for one, the second third contestant, they defray the quotas for the national team and meanwhile competitive club marks major success in the smallest.Is it ordinal for you to do proposals of the lead contestant? If he will accept what will become just a center that pro-walked in with this one just? Because not all can afford such transfer. How come will you want to claim the examples and pride of all leftover. She kills so right that thing that has born her out should be formulated. It was newly being positioned интревю of Elena Vajtsehovskaya with Andrey Shishin- coach of Evgenij Rilov reels and was there mentioned that they were together as early as 5 years old age of Evgenij.For this to drive me, me to believe that I is carrying weight your stone onsite the tree as well must not lose a root. As much as for the contestants who stay will drill in our country I will tell that it is very important for their coach has culture, capability and knowledge to lead them through the difficult adolescent’s years. It is saved (not tired out or injured) on the impending wicked workloads in this. So that roads are many like the prognoses for the young talents, it is difficult due to the ambiguity with the coach’s specialists. Second section of Rumen Atanasov and Alexander Konkeev follows.


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