„THEATRE Pinokio and dad Geppetto“-comment because the European swimming championship of European Alexander KONKEEV and Rumen Atanasov

Rumen Atanasov / R.A /d180d183d0bcd0b5d0bd-d0b0d182d0b0d0bdd0b0d181d0bed0b21(1) Alexander Конкеев / А. К /konkeew_1

R.A It ended one official gratuitously but appropriate work – out domination – the Еuropean swimming championships 2016 in London. Having such tournaments in olympic years suddenly reduces their grade. And now base force-Russia and Germany sent symbolic teams from the losers to their qualifications. Others G.Britain, France, Spain, Denmark etc. They arrived of mountainous camps in its alps had grown a beard / Without the women despite him being Reliable / and tired пределно out. Third like Hungary and Italy were being mobiliseed strongly to her traditionally avaricious For titles and medals.We Always we have been being пределно critical to itself and an hour-hour each as an editorial department, we have sawed a парченца-dead skin by itself. We have been thinking about intellectual сепуко. Alexander Konkeev who has been seeing Japan on map told that this approves the women.The men do harakiri but more had pained. We are same and Cam remained swimming media with which we could not for us to be clocked up financial but we beat them illuminating. It as well Medium that they are of the state nursery /the Officious/ or what they try urgently should sit before her /Courtier/.We measure the measures with swimming site. net тайствения with pleasure, he shut deafening but for our regret in the tournament. Our courteous friends from thethe Officious and the Courtier betrothed to he A site.They were being tried to inform but their readers were sagging Heads of the 3-th tier. So as well what happened at our contestants. It was very explicit that London will be the climax of the season for all except Nina and Antony. Nina Rangelova placed two new national records and there is quota А for the 200 meters of st. The computed tomography of the computed tomography and quota-Б in 100 meters of st.According to us she will swim only per 200 months because quotas obtain girls from exotic countries for the 100 meters. Nina had announced participation in the romanian tournament as well in the ending of this week. Antony Ivanov would surprise all of unrepeatable swimming to 200 meters of fly and an achieved quota-Б and will leave for Rio de Janeiro.To butterfly of 100 months with its 24-th place impossible. Thethe Officious pumps State of mind up and well a dizzying report wrote. Report,“Pinokio worthy for third action of the theater of the absurdity and dad Geppetto“. Does Pinokio of whom the nose accrue, he has been accruing….. Without me overcapitalizing the intelligence, on Mount Olympus I will belong впечатлен from the depth on the future analysis that I wait urgently team manager of the national team.His studying in illegal accommodation and entire disguise as to the carnival in Nice / If do you know who, do they walk at him? / Nodule put under doubt the fictitious abilities of the management board and make us be felt by seeing aborigines. Cook. Marking the national records intends in 8, result belongs to Nina going from its“Large Water“ at Antony who is thinking for America more and often as well.And when they earn the kins Plans? What stays? Even more, one our other elect contestant being answerable, should end his racing career. We will talk additionally about the futurity of our swimming. We non-need Realists and we to be pessimistic. We love Bulgaria more than all.Despite Че electricity-my coauthor-Alexander Konkeev Wants murmured earsplitting“ why Katia? I multi-am love her, I“drool over Sasho for its resolved female. How can’t I find my same?One ended emotionally

А. K. for the Bulgarian fans in the swimming-european tournament. Editings of national televisions reflected the display on the Bulgarian contestants emotionally, maybe for the fact that for the first time since quite some of time several sporting. It is however very larger that Eurosport’s contribution with its Bulgarian section had ensured gossip in the air as of the morning qualification serials as well as on the evening semifinals and finals. Huh http://www.dailymotion.com“ was very worthwhile when swimming due to commercialized reasons It was being dislocated in the platform from other sports.Her anticipations animized representing Nina Rangelova and Antony Ivanov for all our representatives to picture a suchlike class. Introducing on the other hand hungarians, hosts from England, netherlands, belgians and notably our neighbors from Greece, Turkey and Romania They show that you can always participate in the allotment of the blue ribbons. He suffices You are being worked opinionated but assisted with from the national institutions. The poor greeks They are at a crisis and their swimming would decay / Revelation according tothe Courtier site / They made the loose baton that saved itself in 4 from х 100.Belgian 4 х 200  and 4 х 100 figures at one from an most advanced most spectacular Swimmings of the tournament. Only Eurosprt can say what is attendance before then as well accidentally battles impugned but unemployed persons have not looked only as being able to intend our businessmen. We saw swimmings as well of contestants who end seats lent in rankings but they were predominantly young and cumulous Experience in such tournaments as their results will be more faint than the winners of the impending races in Malta at chimney breast-къп in the region of a month of June in this.

R.A  huh you take a look at rankings of our other contestants. They all плувам except Dobromira Ivanova in Germany and U. S.. Nikola Dimitrov can, it feels defeated from its result of 400 months blended but i continue to claim that he has an enormous potential of 200 meters for back and nothing to be strangely strong, us to see it in a new light. Lachezar Shumkov lives in U. S. and swims always to the qualification quota-А. and all, apparently it is not МО that reaches.Lachezar will wait Б. with a quota maybe, few admirers know that if he does not have a defrayed quota in the men, huh we are entitled of one party to the transaction without a quota!!Dobromira Ivanova never pursues already at 2-th contest-quota-Б of Rio and the same and reaches few. What nova did we see on the european.

А. K. the hosts from England did the representing in the breaststroke-distances as with the men as well as in the females that saved itself. We do not miss the relays swimmings where the deciding for winning gold turned out the breaststroke as well. This was one of the most feeble expressive styles of the team of the nationals of the queen before era-Ruta Meylutite. The presumption that I said for months is now to the rearward an actuality.The britishers are dangerous force in the breaststroke-disciplines of the european liquid stage. Huh, if you know what does he come underneath in the britishers? Few people had been being informed and the surprises are received therefore in affecting the forums from such grade. Practicably it is however for them to have realized the conclusions after the technology courtships very well that the speedings are achieved in the frontier areas. Specified after the changes the placed aims are achieved.Surely for the ones who sop up, photograph, the ones who copy and memorize all by the drills of Ruta in Plymouth as well. Here did Rumen Atanasov will tell“ that free lunch will not have?“The management personnel of BFPS does not succeed yet, yes it is assertive sufficiently decisively before the state clerks how important the help is in the preparation. The caddie плувам for example for discipline of 50-st. computed tomography in the women with speed of under 2 meters / seconds even if he does not guarantee to you european medal, а, with 1, 984 meters / seconds, you borrow the last place in the final. Despite this being faster than a quota for the olympiad. He meanwhile has disciplines in which only the medalists are about the olympic workload and her others like 200 meters of st. A man stadium where huh you do not fall in the final with a quota.It is curious, I do 50 the meter-st. stotinkas if you are 0 old, are not 16 post-victors on the ghat. All this shows the necessity of assorted criteria in every sport in the determination advisability to pillow funds for preparation. We see how will the new old management personnel come to grips with this task for 2020.We saw potent belgian relayses, presence of semifinals and finals of contestants from Switzerland, Turkey,. They were predicting her inability to walk onward if you to have only 25 months of her city drainage basin / Great Tirnovo/, disaffiliation and were recuperating subscribers /PBPS/. It is learned finally, for for all being possible to achieve only him not to have thefts of contestants for more flanges the voice of coaches one – spots in one covered swimming pool of 50 meters in our country / Roza Georgieva of“Kamchiya River“/.

R. А. theater-„Pinokio and dad Geppetto“ that we saw at the report choice conference a month ago lowered curtains. Because the nose of Pinokio, does he develop, it develops. Do you know why does it develop? The acerb truth for home to us swimming will show. Therefore contestants will boycott an entire year of participation in the national team for them can look at the stars in the holes of the jousts over Capalicharsi . And they will wear the hat with pride with the half moon substituted for this with the Bulgarian flag without no sentiments.We will wonder who we send in chimney breast-къп besides Fantastic Vasiliki Kadoglu. We will grasp hallux-ours in Hodmezowasharhey for the our beautiful work parties lonely and name ANTANY to be not recognized. We will hope at last that the leaders of the teams in her baggage put our national flag and not only the несесери for brushing her packet to lady’s dressings.They to brandish him proudly as well. Nothing, them being only 3 in Malta or 7 in Hungary. We hope honestly that finally the people in PFPS must realize that we are not to them enemies and sympathizers. Their pride and one – upmanship към our criticisms will not bring them on the right shore, а of the other….Which МО is new in the functioning of BFPS after we mailed them official praise for the choice and you Even if they did not vouchsafe to say one, I“thank hypocritically“. The same behavior of hating fears. Anyway earlier. Because they do not suspect her how do things know, which do they think as we do not know. Rumen Atanasov and Alexander Konkeev


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