War – torn pain by ALEXANDER KONKEEV

War – torn pain by ALEXANDER KONKEEVkonkeew_1

O…. hurting hurts, but not the heart, and the person and it is the pain with a helplessness. I will play every opportunity that provides me the life to ensure adequate financing and preparation for the olympiad in Rio! As much she as as you imply you again, they will watch their pastime is gone for them to do nothing. For a journal for swimming leaves for 20 years as well his mission is very rickety when we have precedent as this. Yes and we will not will be to ask them nobody from there: why so, were the pantomimist you?.You participate in contest to patronize the preparation for olympiads. Very, a lot very, a lot there are motivation, решимост, unshakable wish for which we will let ourselves think that lack of other as well is being ordered by the sensing about hopelessness Possibilities. Larger and larger curio is the Bulgarian olympians who defrayed a quota as well and becomes their energetic dream more and hard by an individual For them to outfight the best in the world of Оlimpiade herself the target of every respecting serves herself sport organization.It is such to be motivation in BОК or Ms personnel. Is the budget microscopic this for 2016 will be very reduced? Is the budget be 3 eminent times for example in the struggle but are the earned be quotas more or less so more, in the classics? You have four defrayed quotas with an approximate so on some budget in the swimming but the difference belongs to the alone contestants as from the ground to the sky in the financing, For They visit self-По in the struggle 20 From a category. How should we interpret Couberten principle however?The pain is not in the money and our unique elect contestant feeling forced yes with a quota looked, capitalized on every opportunity that provides her the life to exert the adequate financing of its preparation. Henceforth all know how much is the sum in the budget of the federation and leaves as they are justified considerable, questions asked on the effectiveness and advisability with its drain. It turns out that an olympian feels necessity to alone finance his preparation to indeed cover its opportunities for the struggle for him is among first.The impression is created, recognizing that outside the first 20-30 are funded from target-държви and companies The positives will be totaled on the account of organizations and clerks for one deprived and however eremitic battle that ended as her yes. Therefore they have hurt. You clench teeth and claws You ‘ make her impossible, look, enroll even offbeat to outfight yourself and be the person of your state and wait officialdom and administrators to spend their mark for your performance and to tell си in what do they locate the assets and liabilities of the Bulgarian sport and and why are we of this pass then.For whom does the Bulgarian olympian compete Why does firestorm lonely: for itself fight for them or at Bulgaria? Why is every good rating and every record record so valuable and emotional разтърстващ? Because the Bulgarian sportsmen rather are alone against st. very but for Bulgaria She as well He waits with them.


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