For what should I want permission, was a boy it? Alexander КONKEEVs comment

konkeew_1Months ago my prognosis was now it is the moment for you to see how is a champion become without a 50-meter pool as well. Last year, further to polemic in group of swimming and water ball and repudiation of foreign opinion that unbeaten members were defied, that aroused creating other group. Case was typical to си, how does the sport separate, despite the assertive propaganda on the part of the editors, manners talents compels ourselves to support them in the development and the sport It joins . Eventually, probably under affecting the drive for accord namely with this propaganda, an opportunity of the rejected to send declaration for return in the group was fixed. Better winning of the entangled subscribers and повторна would adopt invitation but administrators’ choice is such. I do not play the function of a cosmopolitan critic, do not cavil and think of voice. If you want study farther, I tell her what remember this.

Few days ago Antony Ivanov, young man from Tarnów city placed on the cover of the swimming magazine, determined very polite we saw clear issue, what happened. It was not big sisters who advised it that it was not full of counsels and even hints by various nature and eventually answer did not happen. A mistake happened: because this was work of the editorial department. And not yours. You are entitled in the consequent clarification to lodge photograph of which me, explicit position feels stiff. The young man from старопрестолния city clearly has troubles with the bulgarian (some evinced doubts on this) and is acquainted well of the organic law (worthy търновец) here, it is about principles, laws and values, i calculate at least a taka. Pastime provokes the case study докъде, the rights and possibilities of secret mental attitude of the person extend, whose imagination is used as cover of a magazine and this what standards and rules obeys the relevant medium in its intercourse and contacts with him, to turn it into an object of its publications. For example mass media have own standards. Ordination to all in the media whom is reading: laudatory the electioneerings to be catered of DPS, of GERB as well. If somebody is averted by the indications, I will saw pinnas.

For what should I want permission, was a boy it? Do you feel the puff for more worthy demeanor, a prettier wordbook, education and more than service 30 years? Placid as well does not subject to discussion an boy that has become lost clearly-abbreviated explicit, what is written or published and continues to inspire major amount of its Bulgarian sport fans Both persons and лайковете under its photograph precess as accumulating a slot more than 400 votes for a more speechless An hour as well.

Yes, boy ditto mark, дето there isn’t 50 meters of drainage basin in the city, isokinetic machinery, water sewer, underwater television cameras, specialized software about analysis and complicating the swimming equipment. You placed a record for men only for 16 years, the young man of which probably they hinted to him a fir with us, we had traditions, a grounding, specialists, etc.. Its performance of the discipline of 200 meters-butterfly in 2014 orders it on st. fiori – spot on the born not only in 99,but also in 98 and is in the born in 97-th Times in the world are achieved by americans, japaneses, brazilians, russians, australians with one persistent competition among the first 20 traditionally best and young men remain not less worthy to the display by state for the restricted number of participants most probably after the tammy (by two by a sex) for Нона that will trust it to compete for her position In Singapore, impressing performance is expected by him. Yes, namely in this competitive setting And yes nominal In this environment for drilling, the boy from Tarnów city wins the sixth seat of the world tournament for young men. The opinion that this success is despite the civil order of the Bulgarian sport swimming, is shared hardly by few people. Many rarely accountable People  of ministry or ВОК mention  swim as priority sport that must develop in us.

If we with The law ‘s eyes look at article 32 of Bulgaria republic organic law in which the principle on privacy is viewed on the personal life, it is a missile defence system, the prohibition reads Nobody can be followed photographed filmed, set down or subjected to other similar actions without its knowledge or despite its express disagreement but in the cases provided for by the law. (In the cases provided for by the law it is meaning that this discourse will not defend me when i am photographed by a state body for the targets of prosecution. As well, at the time of sport activities the law warns that what was photographed by the protective television cameras in the stadiums will be evidence in the vessel The wrongdoers of Reda. The only provision belongs to apparent for place is a placed signal that about the existing of video recording advises the technician As being heretofore inevitably, her placement to be announced). Respectively, I am defended at that time when the photography has happened Без I Knowledge I have resisted explicitly. After knowing that I am aim of the like, actions but I do not resist expressly (I learn that they photograph me but do not react), he reckons to stand mutely the alien Stubbornness.

It was proposed with a derision for a jurist who will ask is it possible for пр to film to be joined together at every photographer at every sporting event. When the normative system does not identify, in the case, hardly it is about this, it is conceivably for similar inexperienced proposals to be done. Along with this excellent the situation in the domestic judiciary is recognized where he has Yes which endangers with a finger of a notorious Bulgarian court (realize, for 24 hours, Bulgartabak, Мтел and тн. Etc. all older taxpayers of Bulgaria) ‘ And he, the court, knows long ago what must know and what he does, but it feels шубе, For He realizes who is fleshy.

The practitioner is printing of much of the photographic papers to answer their conceptualization-photography with an editorial target eg The using  in the capacity of illustrative (editorial) targets, for example, showing events consisting in social, political and social interest but getting the relevant permissions is necessitated in commercials and pro-Mo materials for their use and lack feels prohibited in theirs. On a sporting or cultural event can as well for me to be photographed if the cameraman has the needed permission to photograph accreditation is offered by the organizer of the event beforehand or the owner of the house. Known persons can be photographed without their consent Only with an editorial prey! (One more paradox in the court room of us does not have definition, which person is known.)

Is the assertion that the permission is not wanted by Michael Phelps Informed and is the counsel rationalized that all other should be modest and not ask Many. most probably the rights on Phelps’s photographs belong to their author’s name. On the cases when its photograph is not used with editorial target, for example of the cover of a magazine, be able to we be able to claim for the medium could not have paid license to the writer of the фото who follows in turn may not receive permission from Фелпс himself for her use?

Here we import other fate related with the photography at the time of sport activities as well. Is he being needed persons who popularly stand in a dense range to the ladder photograph her presentation as most often they completely dismiss the visibility to the lottery winners (it is brilliantly that question happens, professed photographers and parents, teammates, are not only etc.) to be left by its 1 organizers of its 1 sporting event unchecked to take their souvenir phots. Like a minimum, this, manifestation of disrespect belongs the audience. If we do comparison with large swimming forums, we will discover that an assigned special position for photo sessions is professed for the cameramen. The direct line of sight is not at the achievers for the flight well to be transgressed.

When use is possibly gratis: reward only in the cases is paid from internet (unless he had spent agreement for free use) in copying for the writer without a consent and without reward When the target is not commercially using and proliferation and only exerts satisfaction of personal needs for example, you make yourselves photographic printout for the ones that ate on the other hand home, you man personal collection.

And if the photograph is presented by the writer the mass medium, it taken Is the agreement of photographies this ago for the using and like cover of magazine or in other submissions that the target does not have editorial? Why does it happen so that do every side in the conflict interpret the rules on own? Yes forgotten that the right is not for not sleeping, of those who are not keeping guard. The second know!

For it is great for the young to care more than this, what are her rules when being being sanctioned, them to look for rational explanation to what does their wrong – doing happen the case with the submarine in the sport hall. But while they have their trier in the pools controversial sizes and erroneousnesses, in the face of the main judge, it has laws though not very specified that determine behavior norms and person’s relationships whose observing are not first care of privileged or on the strong in the public area.

One image of cover or Use  places excerpts and quotations Я In given commercial project it is not enough for her to be provided by the writer. Right of first publication of the creator of the photograph originate only after preparatory accord of the devising of face photograph that will be taken. The accord can for orally to be fixed when question happens Only photographing the photograph. If she will be syndicated, written consent is needed with which Show be violated Someone’s interest. The occupation photographers most often get the consent to their subjects early with contract declarations and various internets sites forever in an environment of use warn us that gazetting our own photographs we distribute our consent for them to be viewed by the leftover users. If a minor person or a face is photographed placed, under broad inhibition, the consent is given by its A parent or a trustee.

Momentously! Accord is needed if one or more recognizes persons on the photograph / video recording. He is the person enough to be recognized, no matter is his face been photographed, A garment or a tattoo. The law does not necessitate my accord when I do not model her photograph: the image had been done in the turn of the public activity that I do I am photographed of public or social place (for example: of the coffee before the parliament, the parliament, or the presidency expresses a civil hat);, person’s image is only detail of an artifact s’unir a committee meeting, procession or a landscape;, I have received preparatory reward for the photograph / video recording.

Normally the wrongdoers lean out of law on rights of first publication and his cognate rights ZPZPS Head 5 freely in the produced article 23 / article uses 24. Without wearer’s agreement of right of first publication and without paying recompense being permissibly: t. 7 if this happening with an information other uncommercial target; frequent, when are bartered by internet, it is indicated that other site has conflicted with writer’s right and they had used this disorder up (because other site, fiction has been simply). It is possible forever to be told that preserved laws have got it off a site that has published the photograph unlawfully without having noticed that it has.

If one photograph is located in internet or on the other hand in Google, she, it is for public use. If on the same photograph there isn’t signal on right of first publication or on the other hand I do not use her for commercialized targets, it at that time is not necessary clearance. If I change or use only part of her, I can to do it without permission. lawyer who had called main редакторка and this with its entire impudence had clamored, then it is king, the ones that simply got photograph by Google as having it there, be nothing, Theft. Some of the popular myths are this only, tagged with online the content that is partaken not only alas by internet simple users Some of the occupation mass media in Bulgaria that thinks maybe that the law is a door in a field in this state Many residents of Tarnów city however think that this, it is realized, is incorrect crooked and illegitimate. When you deploy some newspapers, photographs are not curio signed with a writer: internet. Every photograph has booked right of first publication.

The unknowingness of the law does not satisfy the offense. One occupation issuer carries responsibility for what publishes and when erring, he follows to be an inflicted punishment, not simple indemnity as well. A dutch court turns attention for one occupation mass medium being obligated to do careful check before him prints photographs or information that stem from internet. He calls correction for a magazine for because him reports that he is in benefit of its 1 society, there are qualitative mass media. Here Bulgaria is however but there are on the other hand worthy and autonomous young men whose idealism makes them put the law and respectability to Much  fore scene as well.

Some think that according to the Bulgarian law there isn’t version in which to отнякъде take photograph and be you use her, no matter does he write that it has right of first publication or not preserved. There is right of first publication on presumption, they belong to the writer forever and if he has not carried them over in proper order of user, there is wrong – doing of the law with all consequent by this Effects. Give attention in a proper row. Terribly , in what country do we live

Strangely the manner one person with more face – saving behavior, the prettier dictionary, education and more than service 30 years, can request us to observe the laws as it alone does not have them for nothing. Words like non – profit and an ideal target are cream for the eye. I cry, me too as I read a journal not to for example pay charge because I will look around only ideally and a non – profit off. Information on contemplation:

Sentenced wrongdoers as of the law of right of first publication protection are 24 часа, as well as with ethical statute book of the media that they have signed. They are sentenced by Elenko Elenkov. Gulliver brings two pieces of work against the newspaper-monitor and telegraph, Irena Crasteva’s place for the wrongful printing of photographs which Gulliver has superior licenses in the moment besides it. The accomplishment against a newspaper-telegraph has ended weeks ago in favor of the company, an owner of the photographs, as the edition is sentenced to disburse indemnity in amount of 22 225 levs. The result from the deed against newspaper Мonitor is expected in October.

They affirm that the dailies are the most troublesome and news and gossipings sites have been encountering whatever versions at Internet and that for signing of their photographs, laid down by internet as www or. net by Gulliver. And her routine far unprofessional reaction of the wrongdoers is popular Reason comes right in me;, he has all over these photographs.

Even the sites with clear access compulsively having section with rules and terms that explain how the information to be used must be known published there. But nobody reads them. He turns out even the occupation magazines. The sites by which the photographs laid down are are printed in newspaper telegraph, are place of large media that buy rights to use photographs with which they illustrate their materials made of the images of Getty. But they are not owners of the frame. If a Bulgarian mass medium requests this one to use photograph, she is being needed, they are converted at Gulliver.

The decision of the court according to Gulliver is momentously of him debunking the myth that all in internet being gratis and permission is not needed to you for you to use it. In fact the newspaper entire protection-spiderwort in the lawcourt built a similar interpretation and namely the photographs being laid down by sites with clear access. First, unlike the street, internet is socially place insomuch as far as the owner of the site has allowed. And it is particular he has afforded to come in and watches, Question. Note, the coming and watching are permitted but nowhere is said that you can for you to lower what you see. Accurate contrarily writes that these submissions to be not used. Considerable section of users however calculates the thesis, internet is publicly place be completely fiddling. Internet is clean for them, a mass medium-mass medium in a meaning metaphorical environment as by a technology viewpoint is so as well from a functional. Internet is simply a middle. Аs аll printed mass media that answer the same terms (belong so Inexpensive for everybody who paid; spread as well to large the persons of the bands same The access to them can not be limited inclusive and jural) They must be processed so like public place. This for its public place is very circumlocution.

It turns out eventually however that for you to be a writer in Bulgaria there is nothing in common with whether there is law in other cases, the watercraft, the player right and тн \ ignorance-\, are great and one must play with them, before a cutter, other wise is Remain tied at 5 in the morning with handcuffs for the central heating in some police regional agency to her You explain how come do you be entitled on thing that you have created and who lets you have the right.

Everybody who prints or partakes piece of work must mention his Writer А in case having to do it with a trade target to have to want preparatory permission. If some abuses however, the practical use of the protection, is only hard. It is brilliantly that in large quantities the law model is impinged in the issues But when doing you comment that you transgressing the law, think maybe they are in their law and what attitude is needed. Did much happen, you now were were earlier remembering it fine and were not forgetting him never, I have not been insomuch meeting о.. Н person like you but we have the assurance, us observing, person moral terminal points. Не Distributing an ethic walks from a high after you transgress the laws.

We were consulting with jurists and according to them for what reads There aren’t disorders of the law system, I vote that they have a following shared frontal background volt. The easiest way for you to sentence some institutions is to make her be justified, reason had made some illegal decision. Broadly the personnel that make these decisions are corroborated fit incompetent. Article 172 А. (NEW ДВ, sconce-.50 of the 1995 years,) (1) (Изм. ДВ, sconce-.62 of the 1997 years, изм,. ДВ, sconce-.75 of the 2006 years in personnel, of 13. 10. 2006 years) Set play circulate telecast or telecast or on other way stranger use aim of writer or related to it right or eccentrics by it, without the needed Wearer’s consent of the relevant right, is chastised with imprisonment to five years and with fine to five thousands of levs by law.


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